Corporate Responsibility

Operators is committed to building a sustainable community via its team and services. As such, corporate responsibility is a foundational pillar, from which stems the team values, adherence to international standards, the application of cost efficient solutions and respect for the environment. Operators’ commitment towards the community is founded on four main pillars:

Health & wellness
    Health & wellness Holistic approach to health and wellness
  • Respecting the environment and customers’ health, by using eco-friendly materials and procedures when managing a facility.
  • Advising customers on environmentally- conscious approaches in building and maintenance, to implement and create a sustainable ecosystem.
    Sustainability A footprint that matters
  • Ongoing commitment to decrease carbon footprint, to minimize pollution and waste from managed projects.
  • Adhering to green building standards and systems to minimize project impact and positively enhance the community.
  • ISO standards and procedures to contribute towards sustainability.
Employee Safety & Development
    Employee Safety & Development The team is the driving force
  • Employee trainings on periodical basis to ensure professional development in respective disciplines.
  • Standardized internal procedures to ensure safe working environments.
  • Regular health reviews to ensure physically and mentally happy and healthy individuals.
Client Financial Advisory
    Client Financial Advisory A promise for financial health
  • As the second highest cost for any organization, extending commitment to make a considerable contribution to implementing cost-efficient solutions for clients.
  • Overseeing efficiency of a facility from operations and maintenance standpoint, and implementing solutions that influence long-term costs and usability.